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Owner of the Total Image Day Spa since 1981, Henri has had a desire to help people look and feel the best they possibly can. He is an accomplished stylist with countless years of training. He wished to create a salon unlike any other, where every experience is custom tailored to the clients needs. From the moment you walk into The Total Image you will feel at home.

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Being in the industry for over 20 years Ann has had a passion for creativity and the hair industry. She loves versatility and looks forward to achieving what is best for each clients individual needs. Her specialties include cutting, coloring, foiling and upstyles. Ann strongly believes in continued education classes and strives to stay current in the field. 



Motivated by her love of the beauty industry, Danielle is a proud team member of the Total Image. Specializing in color, particularly balayage and foiling, Danielle has your fantasy needs covered anywhere from a simple red violent tint to the brightest lime green hue. In addition to her love for color, Danielle also specializes in extensions and keratin soothing treatments. 



A loved team member for 24 years, Christy has had a passion for the beauty industry her whole life. Over the course of these years she has mastered a wide range of techniques; varying in coloring, cutting and foiling.  Her main goal is to always listen and understand the client's individual needs.



Due to her warm smile and commitment to her loyal clients Judi has been great addition to the total image since 2015. Judi is inspired by her love of beauty, she takes pride in all areas of the industry, specializing and mastering the art of Henna coloring. Judi  enjoys helping people look and feel their greatest!



Linda is one of the newest members of our Total Image family, and we've been more than happy to welcome her.  Her personality is as vibrant as her color work, which she specialized in as well as men's cuts and extension work. Linda is a creative and spirited stylist who loves what she does!  



Janet is very passionate about what she does, having over 40 years of professional experience in all facets of hair care.  Permanent waves and roller sets are a specialty of Janet's along with cuts and styling.  She always makes sure her clients are taken care of and content.



Leo is our smiley salon coordinator.  As the first face you usually see when entering the salon, Leo's goal is to make you feel right at home.  She offers assistance in keeping the show running behind the scenes and is a perfect fit for the salon, considering you'll see her with a new hairstyle almost every week.

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