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Allow us to help you determine the package that accommodates just what you and your bridal party need for your big day. Please review our service listing for pricing information.
Bridal Services & Pricing


  • If you are having your hair styled, wash and dry it the night before. This will help ensure that your style stays.
  • If you are having a blow dry at the salon, we will shampoo it for you. Should we come to you, we will spray your hair or you can leave it damp from your shower.
  • Each person having hair or make up services should wear a button down shirt to avoid pulling a top over the finished product.
  • If you have flowers or an ornament for your hair, please bring it with you and show the Stylist ahead of time.
  • Should you be having your make up done, please bring your own lipstick so that you can re-apply throughout the event.
  • Please provide us with 2 or 3 cell phone numbers to have on hand. We will provide you with ours.
  • If we are doing a trial hair appointment, please bring your veil or any other ornaments with you.


Our mutual commitment and cost is based on the size and needs of the wedding party, therefore the event must be finalized 72 hours prior to the day of the wedding. This is so you can make sure you will get the quality service you deserve, and we can guarantee the staff necessary to make it happen the way you want it!
To ensure this, we will require a credit card payment for half the amount based on the above commitment. On the day of the wedding, the party will then be responsible for the remaining half of the payment as agreed upon above. This can be paid in cash or check. As you might expect, the staff also accepts guidelines.
When our staff comes to you the day of the wedding, and should you be more than twenty-five (25) miles from the salon, an additional mileage charge (over the 25 miles each way) of $1.00 per mile will be assessed to and from the event. If it happens that the ceremony is more than 60 miles from the salon, and the work may require special early attention, we may need to rent a room at your expense so our staff will be there for you.
*Certain holidays may require an additional +/- 20% expense: New Year's Eve, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Christmas Eve & Day.
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